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Chanel: evolution of online customer experience

  • UX/Content
  • CX
  • Design Thinking
  • Product Management

Where it all began...

Chanel is looking to offer customers a continuous journey that starts online and seamlessly transitions into its boutiques. We worked with team to evolve its online product experience, creating new digital services that can be carried over to its physical spaces.

How did we help?

We began with a market research and benchmarking study for key experiences in the luxury retail industry and, then, creating a business case and accompanying roadpmap for deploying key innovations in 2022 and beyond.

One innovation focused on defining an experience that would connect clients directly to in-store boutique associates for expert advice on Watches and Fine Jewelry via live chat.

Another new feature we worked with Chanel to co-develop was a virtual try-on for Eyewear, leveraging mobile AR technology.