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Ebay: increase ROI and sales with display ads

  • Campaign Management
  • Marketing Operations
  • Analytics

Where it all began...

We've been working with Ebay for years across the markeing spectrum. In this case, they asked us to develop a data-driven advertising strategy to target audiences at every stage of the sales funnel with quality and performance-driven display ads. The goal was to increase ROI and overall sales via display ads, decrease client ad waste by focusing on incremental audiences.

How did we help?

We started off by assessing eBay's current state of display advertising by meeting with stakeholders regarding challenges, reviewing performance data, campaign setup and addressing inefficiencies. Then we set up A/B tests to find performance gaps and areas for incremental improvement and worked with digital partners to address user experience and feed curation.

After developing both short- and long-term advertising strategies for digital channels, including test roadmaps, creative development, audience creation and targeting, we educated global business units and the client Display team through new processes and workflows.

As an outcome, we optimized a portfolio of 80+ display campaigns across 7 countries in North America and Europe, increasing conversion by 50% and average revenue per transaction by 80%.