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Expertises Strategy / Performance / Management

Micron: development of a communication strategy

  • Channel Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Operations
  • Content Strategy
  • Media Spend Strategy

Where it all began...

Chip makers are under intense pressure as they experience Covid-production challenges amid a spike in demand. Driving differentiation through brand and compelling storytelling is critical in this competitive market. We partnered with Micron's leadership to help them effectively communicate Micron’s brand pillars to the right audiences, on the right platforms, at the right time.

How did we help?

We worked at the intersection of design, data, and strategy to mature Micron’s marketing function. Through a combination of embedded and advisory delivery, we solved for friction points enabled Micron to scale.

This work started with a combination of peer set benchmarking and performance marketing gap analysis, leading to a new set of full funnel KPIs. We then optimized each channel along with its corresponding content strategy and media spend.

To scale the program, we operationalized their processes to target their global audiences with precision and speed. This included a global segmentation targeting matrix, as well as designing a near- and long-term operating model.