Standing up a new B2B publication

Overview of mission

Known worldwide for its digital workflow tools such as Jira, Confluence and Trello, Atlassian invited SiaXperience to help drive its go-to-market strategy for its “Inside Atlassian” product. The publication focuses on giving enterprise IT leaders a look under the hood at how the the company applies its technology to its business.

To support the launch of “Inside Atlassian” SiaX led the editorial strategy and content development for:

  • 30+ case studies and thought leadership pieces
  • 20 new written bios for leadership team

For example, one piece provides readers a look at the Atlassian Team Playbook, which highlights Atlassian’s process for starting a new project, overcoming challenges, and leveraging established processes to define team roles and responsibilities.

The go-to-market strategy

As a B2B SaaS leader, Atlassian is a product marketing-driven organization, fueled by content creation. ​

Inside Atlassian is a new product that focuses on sharing IT success stories on how Atlassian uses its own technologies to drive its business with its enterprise-level solutions.

Work highlights

To set Atlassian up for success post launch, we implemented the following key systems:

  • A new editorial planning and production workflows
  • A web traffic tracking and measurement dashboard

The new workflows and web tracking initiatives provide insights to the Atlassian team that allow for increased transparency, efficiency, and collaboration, in turn helping the business share best practices with existing and potential customers.

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