Onboarding as a culture builder

Overview of mission

Bel, a global agribusiness company, wished to develop a better onboarding process for new employees. Beyond making sure everyone understood their roles, this meant getting new joiners to buy into the company’s mission and culture, creating a sense of community and belonging. There were four overarching paths driving this approach:

  • Creating a community of Bel newcomers
  • Understanding and then experiencing the Bel ecosystem and value chain
  • Enlisting managers to play a key role in the onboarding path
  • Designing a customized onboarding approach based on an employee’s location and function

Work highlights

SiaX collaborated with Bel to create a series of design thinking workshops to outline the purpose of each path, a RACI matrix to identify key stakeholders, key steps in the process, conditions for success, and prototype exercises to stress test deployment.

We, then, created a new employee roadmap with three touchpoints—preboarding, onboarding, and postboarding—to cover an employee’s first six months, along with related action items for all parties involved.


Key outcomes

The collaboration between SiaXperience and Bel was a successful venture resulting in increased employee buy-in, a more seamless transition for new team members, and a better understanding of how to succeed at the company.

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