Improving access to city services

Overview of Mission

The city of Montreal planned to introduce a single-card program to simplify access to municipal services, such as libraries and public pools. This program was intended to address the pain point caused by the many types of cards in circulation which could not be used interchangeably.

SiaXperience combined service design, design thinking, and best practices for public sector consulting to bring together stakeholders from the city’s central services and key citizen groups to co-create the new card.

Gaining perspectives from each group of people was key to understanding the diversity of wants and needs, while keeping everyone aligned with what the city could implement. This approach maximized transparency and teamwork throughout the length of the project.

Work highlights

The testing group provided effective feedback which allowed the city and SiaX teams to refine the product ahead of the main rollout.

The strength of this co-creative approach enabled a balance between meeting the needs of the citizens, and navigating the organizational complexity of the city’s capabilities.

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