Transitioning to a freemium model

Overview of mission

As the largest ed-tech business outside of China, Chegg was a first-mover in transitioning from text book to online homework support.

But, as competition grew in the ed-tech space, the company recognized a need to elevate its offer to position itself as an end-to-end, higher-ed learning platform with the launch of Chegg Learn.

SiaXperience was on the ground floor of this initiative, connecting its first 100,000 pages of STEMB content with target audiences around the world.

Work highlights

As part of our role in supporting the launch of Chegg Learn, SiaX worked to:

  • Develop an SEO-led, site optimization strategy
  • Establish STEM-B curriculum rubric
  • Building a plan to create 100,000 pages of free content
  • Running test-and-learn campaigns to promote awareness and understanding

Key outcomes

As remote learning increased in response to the pandemic, Chegg realized a tremendous increase in user engagement. By integrating Chegg Learn into their primary content offerings, more users were able to take advantage of this online learning revolution. The test-and-learn campaigns run by SiaX, conducted in partnership with our data science group, enabled Chegg to gain enhanced insights into its customer base and improve its product offering.

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