Visualizing ESG data with Spatial

Concept details

We spend a lot of time helping our clients prepare for what’s ahead. The convergence of blockchain, NFTs, and the Metaverse are creating new opportunities to communicate and engage with audiences. With this in mind, we set out to develop an immersive experience that creates an emotional connection between a company’s ESG data and its stakeholders.

We did this by creating a virtual grove of trees in Spatial, with each tree serving as a “living” representation of a company’s performance against sustainability KPIs. Rather than looking at a PDF or standard web page, viewers can explore the environment and inspect each tree in the grove for specific ESG data. We invite you to give it a whirl.

Immersive NFTrees experience interactive demo

Work highlights

The data sets can change over time thanks to dynamic NFTs, which possess interactive and programmable capabilities. Smart contracts with predefined rules encoded into the blockchain allow these 3D representations to be linked to live external datasets. The use of blockchain also ensures data transparency and reduces concerns about data manipulation, enhancing trust between the company and its stakeholders.

Engaging with data as if it was part of this digital world via this novel 3D experience conveys a forward-thinking energy and has the potential to bring an audience closer to a company’s commitments to sustainability.

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