Elevating a cultural icon

Overview of mission

Nausicaa, the largest aquarium in Europe, approached SiaXperience to develop its digital strategy around two pillars: customer experience and employee experience. As part of this initiative, the aquarium asked us to update its brand positioning, viz ID and customer facing website.

SiaXperience brought a wealth of knowledge to Nausicaa combining experience in digital strategy, program and change management, marketing and promotion and with deep expertise in the tourism industry.



La méduse Aurélie

Work highlights

Here are some of the Discovery activities we conducted in order to help Nausicaa meet its goals:

  • Visitor and employee personas
  • Pain points gathered via onsite immersion during peak traffic period
  • Visitor POVs captured through workshops and questionnaires
  • Management team co-design workshops to build momentum for the transformation
  • Specific workshops focused on IT and digital projects
  • Multi-variant roadmap analysis: productivity gains, carbon footprint, adoption likelihood, etc.


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