Embracing data as a change agent

Overview of mission

L’Oréal recently launched a vast data and digital transformation project with the objective of becoming a 100% data-driven company, basing all innovation going forward on the full exploitation of its data.

The beauty co’s research & innovation department called upon SiaXperience to help construct and implement data management and automation systems to support the company’s ability to maximize its data value chain and support its future business use cases.

Work highlights

Through this project SiaXperience tackled organizational and process definitions; data inventory, modeling and management; strategy and governance; industrialization; change management; and social and steering committees. We trained teams on new tools and processes and implemented a standardized and automated procedure to conduct quality tests.

SiaXperience defined the target architecture for data structuring and support, and designed modular and easily integrated digital tools to monitor distance between formulas, raw materials, colors, components, etc. We mapped and defined the promotions sell-out data (scope, attributes, referential, sources, etc.), provided analysis of the data model (timing, granularity, network coverage, quality, etc.), and used that data for demand planning and forecasting.

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