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VIA Rail Canada

Expertises Strategy / Collaborative Design / Innovation

VIA Rail Canada: design thinking and innovation

Design Sprint

Future Thinking

Product design

Employee Experience

Where it all began...

As Canada’s national rail passenger service, VIA Rail Canada constantly looks ahead for innovative ways to deliver excellent customer experience. In an effort to foster innovation throughout the company, VIA Rail Canada hired us to co-design and implement an innovation strategy around a series of workshops intended to push internal teams into finding new ways to improve customer and employee experiences.

How did we help VIA Rail Canada ?

We defined an innovation strategy for the company that combined a pragmatic approach of vision alignment workshops, co-creation workshops, and employee training in Design Thinking, with a focus on improvements to the employee experience.

Using principles of the design fiction methodology, we successfully led a diverse group of over 40 employees to invent the train station of the future by projecting them into 2030. The ideas and models created were synthesized in a prioritized roadmap.

Applying a design thinking approach, we led a team of 17 employees to prototype their vision for a new internal communications platform to allow train employees to be in constant contact with station employees while they are on board. The prototype served as the definition of the MVP of the application.