Rewarding customers at the pump and beyond

Overview of mission

Emarat, a state-owned petrol provider in the United Arab Emirates, engaged SiaXperience to develop its loyalty program, allowing customers to earn points every time they fill up at one of Emarat’s service stations.

Emarat’s goal was to enhance customer service while using a data-driven approach to customer engagement. The result was EmCan, a multi-lingual, mobile app that marries localization, GPS, and geo-targeting to provide a deeply personalized user experience.

SiaX led this initiative from inception through its recent launch, including:

  • Brand identity and guidelines
  • UX/UI
  • Data management
  • Mobile application development
  • Promotion and performance

Work highlights

To appeal to as broad an audience as possible, we designed the EmCan logo in both Arabic and English. We, also, develop an iconography system to show retail partners and places of interest in app.

With the app launched, SiaXperience has turned its focus to omnichannel promotion. We’re running an awareness campaign across popular digital channels in the region focusing on the brand’s unique personality and commitment to excellence.

EmCan is envisioned as more than a loyalty program but, rather, a full CRM solution that provides tailor made customer support and a platform for Emarat to create new services and products.


Graphic Guidelines


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