Fostering loyalty in a price-driven industry

Overview of mission

Europcar, a global car rental company, came to SiaXperience to launch its loyalty program with the goal of incentivizing repeat customers in its price-driven industry.

Work highlights

To create the program, SiaXperience designed an omnichannel subscription ecosystem to be deployed across mobile devices, websites and rental locations.

We, also, created a fleet management system which helps track the effectiveness and adoption of this new program by providing Europcar’s management teams with real-time reports via an analytics dashboard.

A sales target tracking system and incentive-based compensation program rounds out the program so that sales representatives have their own incentives in place to drive adoption and performance.

Key outcomes

As a result of the partnership, Europcar enjoys improved brand awareness, a state of the art, high-volume, loyalty program, and a significant increase in the number repeat customers.

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